Cambridge IR

Cambridge IR

Architectural Impact Resistant Shingles

The Same Architectural Selection Of Cambridge Shingles PLUS Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating Technology (to help protect your home against hail).

Enjoy similar designs and color schemes to IKOs flagship shingle, the Cambridge, as well as the same easy-to-install technology.

Protect Your Home

When you live in a part of the world that gets more challenging weather, Cambridge IR Shingles give you best-fit technology and the confidence of a roof capable of protecting your home.

Cambridge IR has elite impact resistance technology (UL2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance Rating) so youll be more protected against the weight of heavy snowfall, and the damage hail can cause. With the contemporary looks of Architectural Shingles, Cambridge IR Shingles are made to match any style of home.

Check out one of the largest roof shingle selections and test the look and color of any IKO shingle on your home. Or, choose the latest in roofing technology AND get head-turning, unique styles at the same time with Architectural Shingles.

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